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Things you need to know

Appointment information

We recommend that you bring just two guests with you to your appointment, the opinion of your mum or your best friend is very often all you need. Please call us in advance to make special arrangements if you wish to bring additional guests. Babies and children are welcome on weekdays, but not on Saturdays as this naturally is our busiest day.

Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your appointment especially on a Saturday. Saturday appointments are for 1.5 hours, if you are late you may miss some valuable time.


As you will find in many Bridal shops, we politely ask that you do not take photos during your appointment. The designers have their own photography and they do not allow their work to be posted on the many uploading platforms for multi media.Often the sample dresses do not fit and are bulldog clipped or pinned. You will go away obsessing about your figure rather than imagining how beautiful it will be once fitted.


Many gowns will require alterations. All alterations are carried out by extremely experienced and qualified seamstresses and are charged at an hourly rate. Despite taking measurements and ordering the gowns accurately, the Designers do not have you there in person. With everyones body and bone structure being so different it would be near impossible to make dresses fit perfectly every time without fittings. By having alterations we are ensuring your gown is the perfect fit for you and ensuring you are comfortable but also look stunning on your special day.

Many Thanks in advanced for understanding and respecting our policies. We look forward to meeting you at your appointment.